Assets Real Estate Development (ASSETS), a privately owned company dedicated to building value through the development, investment, management and financing of real assets. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Doha, Qatar, ASSETS is one of the fastest growing regional full-service real estate firms. Our portfolio includes a number of iconic developments in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.

ASSETS employs a full-spectrum development approach, managing the investment process throughout all phases of asset acquisitions, due diligence, capital markets, architectural, engineering, construction, development, marketing, leasing, property & asset management, finance, and legal activities.




We approach our projects with a steadfast sense of creativity to deliver unrivaled developments. Our goal is to establish and maintain enduring, mutually rewarding relationships with strategic business partners, financial institutions, industry peers, municipalities, tenants and investors.



We diligently manage each phase of the Real Estate development process to insure optimal value creation to our investors throughout the development process. Our organizational culture promotes the speed and agility of an opportunistic entrepreneurial organization, but maintain the financial controls, technical discipline and continuous oversight of a large institutional company.


Sustainability & Community Partnership

Our developments are aimed towards improving the quality of life, strengthening community relations and contributing to the future growth of the economies that we operate in.


To be a leader in the Real Estate industry, consistently building and managing successful developments. At ASSETS, we are dedicated to making the future a better place. We strive to lead the real estate market through sustainable development, stimulating economic growth to improve the living and working conditions across communities where we are present. Doing so enables the preservation of the past while revitalizing the future.


To leverage our resources and experience to envisage, design, implement and deliver comprehensive real estate developments. Our approach to investment and development of real estate centers on our core responsibility towards improving the quality of life, strengthening communities, and preserving valuable local values and resources.