Located on the Arabian Gulf coast, the State of Qatar is a gateway between East and West, welcoming visitors from all around the world. At the cross roads of contrasting economies, cultures and natural environments, the strategic location of the country has attracted visitors to the region for years.

With a predominantly young population, Qatar is currently experiencing high rates of population growth due to massive urban development, large-scale investment projects and generous government expenditure. The positive economic expansion that Qatar has experienced has brought visitors from a variety of sectors and markets, including oil and gas, real estate, finance, education, research and science, sport and leisure.

With the advent of economic prosperity in the last century came the development of a modern infrastructure, transport and telecommunication links, educational facilities, science and technology research, hospitals and health care. Having built a reputation for quality and excellence, Qatar is recognized as a leading destination in the Gulf region for meetings, exhibitions and conferences, offering travellers a business-oriented destination combined with leisure activities.

Qatar is a bridge between tradition and global innovation. It is a luxury destination that attracts premier leisure, business, medical, sport and education tourism, while properly preserving, maintaining and highlighting its authentic heritage and rich past. Qatar is a place where people see things differently, where citizens embrace new ideas and visitors are welcomed as honoured guests and dear friends.


Total 11.571 km2


Islamic is the official


Arabic as official language, and English is widely spoken.

local time

Greenwich mean time + 3 hours (GMT + 3)


2.3M inhabitants, .83% reside in Doha

major towns

Doha, Al wakra, Dukan, Al khor, Al shamal, and others

capital city



Qatari Riyals (QR), which is divided into 100 dirhams
USD 1 = QR 3.64

public holidays

National Day:

18 December.

Eid Al-Fitr Holiday:

from 28th of Ramadan to 4th of shawal(hijri calendar)

Eid Al Adha Holiday:

from 9th of zulhijjah to 13th of zulhijjah(hijri calendar)

work hours

Government Offices:

7am to 2 pm.

Private establishments:

8am to noon, and 4pm to 8pm.
Friday and Saturday are the weekend holidays

national day

18th of Dec in commemoration of Sheikh Jasim Bin Mohamed Al Thani, the founder of the State of Qatar.