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About Us

In a world where real estate developers have almost identical images, look, feel and even language, it is the ultimate challenge for ASSETS to stand out and differentiate itself from the overwhelming number of realtors. ASSETS understands the crucial aspect of ongoing growth and expansion in the field. As a fast-growing regional multi-service company, ASSETS has an extensive portfolio that includes projects in different countries.

Assets Real Estate Development is an innovative firm with iconic local and regional developments, dedicated to building value through the development, investment, management and financing of real estate. ASSETS strive to lead the real estate market through sustainable development, stimulating economic growth to improve the living and working conditions across communities.

Subsidary of:

Our Purpose

To add value to the society for a better lifestyle.

Our Vision

To lead in every industry we undertake.

Our Mission

Thrive for sustainable value creation for the company’s stakeholders through an efficient infrastructure based on innovation, technology, efficiency, specialization, and positive work culture aiming for excellence.

Values and Guiding Principles

Our Values:

Leadership | Quality | People-centricity | Integrity | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Teamwork | Accountability | Resilience
Our Guiding Principles:
Promote Health and Safety | Develop Future Leaders | Promote Customer-centricity | Celebrate Diversity | Contribute to Societal Development | Drive Innovation | Exceed expectations | Agility

The Team

Moutaz Al Khayyat
Group Chairman

Ramez Al Khayyat
Vice Chairman & Group CEO

Dr. Mohammed Aba Al-Khail

Chief Executive Officer

Ragheb Jalabi

Project Director

Marwan Dimas

Group Marketing and Communications Director

Jameel Fares

Accounting Manager