ASSETS is guided by the vision and foresight of our managerial board who brings to the company years of experience with mega real estate projects, a solid track record of excellence, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. As a result, our employees are inspired and motivated to continuously explore new boundaries and opportunities and excel in every project they take onboard.

We are focused on understanding the market, the needs of our communities, and the investment needs of our clients. Such deep insight coupled with our thorough and creative development process enables ASSETS to continuously create value and opportunities for our clients through strategic planning, critical financial analysis, and innovative thinking.

We leverage our resources and experience to envision, design, and implement comprehensive solutions to address our customer’s portfolio and financial requirements. Moreover, with a thorough understanding of financial and industry practices, our team of CRE experienced architects, engineers, planners, construction managers, finance and accounting specialists, and business veterans apply thorough practices by diligently managing the following processes:





operations process management


Construction process management

Negotiation with service providers, consultants and contractors

From the identification of emerging opportunities to managing capital transactions, ASSETS delivers unrivaled commercial real estate development services for the life-cycle of a project.