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As a part of Hilton’s famously known LXR collection, LXR Hotel and Resort Doha is an oasis of tranquillity and escape from the city.
A family-friendly resort that combines luxury and an authentic Moroccan atmosphere allowing their guests to find comfort in their natural state by taking them on a body and soul enlightening journey.

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What’s Nearby

Bus Stop 54601

1.6 km

Bus Stop 55623

2.96 km

Leatooriya St.(Stop-B)

3.13 km

Family Shopping Complex

3.15 km

Equestrian Villa Compound

3.45 km

Aspire pitch # 8

1.69 km

مدرسة اديسون فرع معيذر الجديد

5.23 km

Edison British Academy

5.21 km

ASPIRE Pitch #11

2.53 km

Pitch 9 Aspire Academy

1.79 km

Chicking Qatar

0.91 km

Rqaq local

0.93 km

Laluce Restaurant

0.91 km

KFC (Muaither Branch)

2.58 km

La Parrilla لا باريا

0.84 km

Harvest Hyper Market

2.85 km


2.84 km

Family Shopping Complex

3.08 km

Home Beauty

3 km

Saudia Hypermarket

5.07 km

محطة وقود #٧٦ (بعيا)

3.4 km

WOQOOD Petrol Station

3.88 km

محطة بترول وقود

5.07 km

Al Noor Petrol Station

5.53 km

محطة النور - المره الغربية

5.53 km
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