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Embassy Suites is a chain of all-suite hotels. All guest rooms of this chain have a separate living area as well as a sleeping area.
An all-suite hotel By Embassy Suites by Hilton, where you get to try our luxurious accommodation. If you love spacious, glass windows with natural light, you have the choice of our atrium-style layout suites.
Embassy Suites Doha has an excellent location on the corner of Jabr Bin Mohamed Street and Al Dostour Street with a spectacular view of the corniche and amazing visibility from both roads. Within a 1 km radius of the hotel, there are many significant attractions such as Souk Waqif and Qatar National Museum.


What’s Nearby

Souq Waqif Metro Station

0.71 km

Souq Waqif Metro Stop

0.69 km

Souq Waqif Bus Hub South (Cruise Ship & DIA Shuttle)

0.65 km

Souq Waqif Bus Hub

0.76 km

Souq Waqif Bus Hub North (Stadium Express)

0.69 km

Second Ihsaan School

1.92 km

Lebanese School Primary French Section

2.38 km

مدرسة السَّلم الثانية

2.02 km

Abubackar Al Siddiq School

1.81 km

مدرسة السلم الأولى

1.87 km

Fortune Restaurant

0.02 km

Mumtaz Alhummus and Fava Beans Restaurant

0.09 km

مطعم في اي بي الرويس

0.03 km

Fan Al Zurbian

0.06 km

مطعم الفول وحمص الايراني

0.11 km

Fatma Complex

0.11 km


2.02 km

Genius supermarket

0.19 km

Raydan Hypermarket

2.02 km


2.05 km

Waqood Petrol Station Bank Street

0.68 km

Woqod petrol station

0.82 km

Woqod Petrol Station Old Al Ghanim

0.82 km


2.6 km

Woqod Petrol Station Museum of Islamic Arts

1.88 km
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